Nanay to Tatay: “I never stopped loving you…”

I’m still in awe of what love can do to a person. Love makes people act with compassion. Love tells us to keep no record of wrongs. Love enables someone to stay in love over and over again with the same person regardless — just like my grandparents.

In 1991, Tatay passed away but Nanay’s love for him goes on and on. It is timeless. There has never been a past tense in their love story — only memories; memories that will never fade away.

If the same situation would be given to me I wouldn’t know if I’d be able to survive. Imagine, raising nine children on my own? Seriously? But Nanay is a superwoman so, she, of course was able to accept the challanges she had to face back then. And what made her motivated? The secret? All because of “L-O-V-E.”

There is this song that says, “Love will keep us alive…” and so she conquered things. In reality, both of them didn’t come from a wealthy family but they’re able to keep their heads above the water. They met through a common boss; Tatay was a right hand man (or something like that) and Nanay was a care taker. I don’t know if it was a love at first sight but I tell you what, it was totally a bullet train – things happened too fast (make no mistake, no babies involved). It’s like when they realized they loved each other, they couldn’t wait another minute to start their love story.

I have this line for my future husband, “I haven’t seen you yet but I love you already.” Maybe Nanay has a different version when Tatay passed away, and maybe, just maybe it goes something like this, “I won’t be able to see you anymore but I love you still.”  or better yet maybe this afternoon she whispered, “I never stopped loving you…” Woooo. Mine is about meeting the person while Nanay’s about remembering someone who she couldn’t be with physically. Talking about love, right? When you love someone and I mean really love them it doesn’t matter if they are still beside you or they already went home to our creator; what will matter is how you’re able to use your time during your moments together — memories that will last forever.

So when they decided to start their love story they see to it that it has no ending. Not even death can break them apart. You probably know by now how much I like Serius Black’s line from Harry Potter stating, “The ones that love us never really leave us, we can always find them here in our hearts.” (Been using this line whenever a chance popped out, mostly when I write). I think that’s true. I’m not a Harry Potter fan, I didn’t finish reading nor watching the series but I just love that particular line. I mean, what are you going to do when living isn’t an option anymore? Die too? Of course, death is so painful but everyone has an ending here on earth. It’s just a matter of when. So when the Lord called Tatay home, Tatay made sure that Nanay has their memories to look forward to.

Today, I forgot the date and so I didn’t remember that it’s Tatay’s 81st birthday (my bad!!!). I wasn’t able to go with Nanay and the gang at cementery because I learned about it too late. So at 9:57 PM I started typing (thanks to wordpress app). I was planning to tell a story of what I remember about him but then I ended up talking about love. Why? Because Nanay was so excited to see Tatay’s tomb that she ended up going there one hour prior to the expected time of visit. Had she not changed the time, I could’ve prepared but can I blame love and her? No. How can I blame her for getting excited to see the love of her life? I will never dare. She’s a constant visitor there since 1991 especially during Tatay’s birthday every 21st of May, his death anniversary every 3rd day of August and during all souls day. So I better not tell her to wait when she’s so ready to go.

So I learned today that loving someone for the rest of your life is not just a choice but a commitment. It’s easy to fall in love but every day is a decision to stay in love. Nanay and Tatay’s love for each other is timeless. I know one day they will be together again but hopefully not soon. One day but not today.

And because I am running out of words allow me to use a bible verse to end this, “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” (Prov. 3:3, NIV)

Nanay is not only faithful but she loves deeply. And when she does, it goes forever.

Happy Birthday Tatay. How are you in heaven? We miss you but please don’t visit us here (I might not know it’s you and I might have a heart attack). See you one day! We love you. Always.


Nice I don't have yet the picture of Nanay and Tatay this one will do for now. Nanay with her grandchildren.


Today Is Mighty’s Birthday


Dear Love,

Eleven years ago when you asked me to be your best friend and saying YES to you was one of the best choices I made at early age. Though it was a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs and some misunderstandings, we still managed to talk things in ways no one can understand but us. It was an argument full of love and care.

Having said that, I am truly grateful for having you around. Giggling with you every single time that we wanna swoon because of the movies we’re watching or books we’re reading has been one of the priceless moments ever!

I have seen you in tears in numbers I cannot count… and you’re lucky because I’m a girl scout with my tissues and handkerchief ready to lend you. And I won’t get tired doing the same in the future – but I’m looking forward for happy tears!

This year has been very good to you… some people were removed from your life but it’s God’s way of saying, “Mighty, my beautiful daughter… I love you and I have no plans on entrusting you to anyone who doesn’t deserve any minute of your time. Let me show you what I have stored for you…” And He just did! He did and still doing things for your betterment! You are truly blessed!

And what more can I say? Well, thank you for always reading my blogs. Can’t wait to read yours too, soon.

I love you Best! May the Lord continue to use you in touching others – in helping them to know Jesus more. You aren’t just my friend, you are my Christian friend and that makes our relationship the best! Let’s continue to serve our good Lord together.

Happy Blessed Birthday Twinny!

With love, Ann

I Love You Big Time


“You’ll always be my best friend…” -Relient K.

If I were to give a word synonymous to Patty, I would say EVERYTHING. Obviously, the word is not as glamorous as pretty or gorgeous but everyone wants to be somebody’s everything – that’s what you are to me. (You are more than pretty and gorgeous, better than the word best… you sum up everything!)

Happy Blessed Birthday Best friend!

I wish that you could see yourself the way I see you – because when talking about my favorite story, I can’t help but to see you being part of it. I thank our good Lord for sending you, that though our parents are different… God still allowed us to have each other – forever – like sisters! (Dear God, thank you!) And I thank you for the things you’ve done for me without asking anything in return. I believe that the best thing a best friend can do is to hug you tightly – that’s what we do. We hug. We laugh. We talk. We cry. And when we cry, we cry together – no pretensions, we just let the tears fall and then we hug again!

I love you big time and when I say big time, it’s something more than a dictionary can define. I can’t even define it myself. (Hahaha, what did I just say?) Anyway, I would also like to let you know that you have no other choice but to stick with me ’cause if you don’t I’ll break your neck. (Clear? Lol) No, seriously… I’ll forever hold you, letting you know that you got me like the way I got you.

By the way, Piglet in Winnie the Pooh movie once said, “Who knows the right thing to say when I’m feeling so blue?” I guess, not even you… but then again, you always have two ears ready to listen, two arms ready to hug me every single time and two hands to hold me tightly when I’m falling into pieces. Those things are always better than saying something and yeah, what more can I say? Guess I couldn’t ask for more. Hey, I lost track. Been saying so much but still not enough to tell everyone why you’re my everything.

Well… perhaps, I’m having a hard time conveying my thoughts since this topic is something so precious to me that I find it really hard to put things into words. Sooo, again… Happy Birthday! I am truly blessed to have you. You’ll always be my best friend.

*Biggest, warmest, tightest HUGS*

Someone who loves you forever unconditionally 

Running: A Metaphor For Life


Photo credit: Edison Cruz’s facebook account. Run United 2.

“Running is the greatest metaphor of life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” –Oprah Winfrey.

I was browsing some quotes when all of a sudden Oprah Winfrey’s words got my attention. I failed to understand its true meaning the first time I read it but I knew it would be the best quote to use for what I have in mind – it would be perfect because my subject loves to run, but I don’t know how on earth it is related to life. Perhaps because running makes us healthy – physically and emotionally, but… is that all?

It was 3AM of Tuesday… I told myself: Later, I’ll figure things out… I need to figure things out or else I would end up giving Edison the first blog I wrote (A Happy Birthday or A Giveaway?).  But that won’t happen since obviously, I have this blog (maybe I’ll show him both). Now… let me tell you a brief story.

Looking back…

Edison Rances Cruz – Going to cinema has been our way of getting along or catching things up. On our last movie together he told me, “Pinag iisapan ko na mag gym at magpapayat” (I’m thinking of going to gym and be fit again). I don’t know if by then he was just telling me his plans or he’s waiting for my opinion. Unsure of what to say, I told him “Kaya mo yan, update mo ko ha!” (You can do it and please keep me updated).

Of course, he knew it was a hard decision – hard because one must devote his time in order to see the fruit of his labor. Results cannot be seen over night so without patience things wouldn’t be possible. There were days when he would call me because he wanted to just give up. There were instances when whining was the only option he had to lessen the burden. Over the phone he would say, “Nag oorder yung mga officemates ko ng masasarap at fatty foods samantalang ako panay vegetable salad sa KFC pero wala pa din nangyayari…” (While my officemates have been ordering delicious and fatty foods, I am stuck eating KFC’s vegetable salad yet nothing has changed [pertaining to his weight loss]). And he would ask me to cheer him up and say something to make him feel that he’s still doing things right.

And though he hasn’t seen the outcome yet, he still accepted the challenge from he’s co-workers. Certain group of people had to lose weight; the person who would get the lowest weight loss would have to pay the agreed consequences. Guess what? He won. He was so motivated not because he wanted to lose weight but because he didn’t want to pay the price when they defeat him. But let me tell you what I realized,  it was never about the money he had to spend if he didn’t make it but he actually wanted to hit two things at the same time. The idea of winning and losing some pounds has boosted his competitive side. It was… well… a healthy competition.

It was a challenge he had to do alone but it was and will never be something he has to face on his own. I couldn’t do all the routines for him but you can bet that just like always my ears are ready to listen to his stories – whether it’s about whining or some sort of happy things – doesn’t matter anyway.

But you know what? It’s not going to gym where he found happiness… it was through running. He started spending his time running alone. He fell in love with running – with his earphone plugged in his ears. Music has been accompanying him all along. Until… he decided to join fun runs and then marathons.

Running… running… running… and then life. What makes them similar? At what point? Maybe because running has been teaching us the same lesson life has taught us – to find our own pace, to learn how to endure pain, to know our reasons… our purpose. Every single time you run, there is a point of discovery. You will discover your limitations; take for example how many miles can you finish in one run?  Five miles perhaps? Or maybe you can’t even finish 10 miles, therefore, it will allow a person to accept what he can do and what he cannot. Pushing our limits will help us know our capacity. We could have been injured if we go beyond our power but if we know what we are capable of then things would be easier.

They say that life is a continuous process. I say it’s true. When we run there is always a point of interval, at the end of it there is always a finish line awaits us – to show that we’ve completed our goal, but… it doesn’t equate to stopping our pace. You can always choose what kind of fun runs and marathons to join… and then, begin again. If you intend to win but fail, just keep on trying. Let’s not make things complicated. Life is complex but it doesn’t need to be complicated.


His way of enjoying his free time.

Going back, Edison once told me that running is his “ME TIME”. It is his way of processing things. Before it has always been about shedding some pounds but after discovering what running can do for him both emotionally and physically, running is no longer part of his ‘’must-to-do” things. Now, it’s part of his system… something he loves to do.

I don’t know if I am making sense, well… I hope I do. Guess I have to discover more connections between running and life. Maybe you should too! Seriously, I’m running out of words. By now, Edison must know, without a doubt that I am so proud of his accomplishments (losing 18 kilos is not easy by the way) because if not, I’m going to break his bone (laughing).

Edison is my real-life Flash (Justice League) better yet my favorite guy. Flash is capable of running faster than a speed of light. My favorite guy is capable of turning darkness into light (something flash is not capable of) because he has the power of making me smile in one hello.

In parting, let me quote something I have read somewhere, “When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart…”

P.S: Happy 23rd Birthday Ba***! Now, you are “Mr. Piggy No More” You deserve the hotness in every way possible! Well… at least for today! *to the moon and back*

A Good Man Never Dies He Just Says Goodbye


Today is Grandpa’s 80th birthday. He passed away due to kidney problem and body complications about 22 years ago. All of his grandchildren address him as Tatay instead of Lolo (Father instead of Grandpa), because we mimic our parents and that is how our parents address him.

To give you a background, my older sister and I are the luckiest grandchildren because Tatay was able to hug, kiss and take good care of us. He was there when we were born and he was present during our first birthday. That is why my sister and I have photos with him.

Honestly, I don’t remember anything about Lolo because I was less than 2 years old when he died. All I know is that he is a good man. No wonder that he’s truly a good man because Nanay (mother but actually my Grandma) never thought of marrying someone else after Tatay died. She would tell us how lucky she was for having Tatay and for having nine kids with him.

I grew up going to cemetery yearly especially during his birthday, death anniversary, Nanay and Tatay’s wedding anniversary and all souls day. And you wouldn’t believe it but we love going there because Nanay would bring a lot of food while my Aunties and Uncles would buy pizza or anything we want during all souls day. But of course, we love to be there because we know that Nanay despite the long years still misses her husband. And among us, she knows Tatay inside out.

In my blog, “A Miracle Baby, A Wonderful Little Big Man” I stated there that my brother was born as we remember Tatay’s 8th years death anniversary. So even he’s no longer with us we still celebrate his life through my brother’s birthday.

Now, I just want to say “Happy Birthday Tatay and we love you so much” you are such a lucky man because your wife, kids and your grandchildren love you genuinely. We’ve heard a lot of stories about you and how wonderful you are. I just hope that you are still here because no words can define how much Nanay misses you… everyday!

We are celebrating your birthday! I am sending you big hugs across the miles Tatay! You will never be forgotten because “A Good Man Never Dies He Just Says Goodbye…” You are here, inside our head and inside our heart!

Open Birthday Letter to Ate (Older Sister)

Hi Atsss!

Remember when we used to eat ice cream together and wear same clothes at the same time? That was way back, like more than ten years ago… the last time we dressed in same pants (nang mauso ang six pocket) was when we went to Enchanted Kingdom with the fam, I was in grade four, you were in grade six. And though we don’t do that today anymore, just like as always… I love you just the same or even more!

Mahal na mahal kita Ate. I may have failed to understand you at times but it doesn’t change the fact that you are my sister and I am yours. That whatever happens… I will support you all the way and I will love you no less.  That… we are each other’s keepers.

Just so you know…

I am shaking in anger when someone annoys you (aba tinatalo nila ko!) but I also feel the pain whenever you cry just because you miss Kuyss every time he works abroad. (haha! Arte lang!)


Happy birthday Ate! I really planned to post these photos to annoy you! *Kidding* I posted this to let people know how beautiful my sister was and how gorgeous you have become now! (Ehem! Took me some time to collect all of these.)

Well… I love you tons.. And I love you extra today! My wish? No I’m not going to wish you good luck… I will pray for you instead. I pray for Thea to come and be part of our family soonest! (Naks, ngingiti yan! Lol) No… seriously, I pray that our good Lord will use you more as you continue to serve Him. I pray for his continuous guidance… that you may remain safe everyday! I pray for Kuya’s protection and Thayer’s health because I know that they are the most important people to you and they are your strength and happiness.

You’re such a lucky blessed girl. May you have the sweetest day today! The photos by the way, oh well… made me think how time flies so fast.

I love you heaps! (Nakakarami ka ng I love you ah!)

God Bless! *HUGS* *KISSES* *HUGS* & more *HUGS* again and again.


Your Most Stunning, Brainiest, Sweetest and most Beautiful Sister Ever.