My Husband Is Not My Other Half but My Girl Friends

They say that your husband is your other half, well… I beg to disagree, my other half isn’t my husband because:

1. I don’t have one yet.
2. I believe that my husband must be as complete as I am. Therefore, he’s my other whole.

So who would be that for me then?

I’m not pertaining of other half’s denotation but its possible connotation. Say for example, a person who completes you in a very platonic way.

I saw my other half back in high school. My other halves. We were classmates. Mighty and I founded a group – Best Company. One day, she asked me if I can be her best friend. I said YES. We talked about expanding it that same day because we do have other friends, our close friends before she even asked me to be her best friend. I signed up (not literally, of course) Patty, Mighty signed up Rose.

After few years, we ended up having 12 members. Six boys, six girls. There were too many other classmates who wanted to join us but we closed it to 12. New groups were founded, one of those was Sis Company. I was also part of it, purely for girls but I don’t remember anymore how many were we at that time. Originally, Reena was our Sis. She still is, but she’s our Best now. Technically, she’s not part of Best Company.

But then how can you say that he (she) is a true-blooded Best Company member? Was everyone committed to being one to begin with?

I’ll be real, not everyone. Some of them even wrote us their farewell letter telling us that they no longer wanted to be part of our group. They broke my heart. I never wanted them gone but they made a choice and they chose to left us. I swear to you I can still show you their letters, I still have them (because I’m a bit sentimental about letters). Funny how some of them still call us Best up to this very moment.

It breaks my heart to say this but as time passed by, Best Company became just a name. After high school graduation, people moved on and had no time for a get together. Of course I was guilty of it too. But some of us find a way.

Reena became our Best during a Scholar camping. We were room mates (actually tent-mates because we were sleeping in a tent). We knew in our hearts (without even speaking it out loud) that Best Company was just a mere name by then, so we (Mighty, Rose, Patty and I) talked about asking Reena to be one of us without the need of others’ approval. After all, where were they? Seriously, we should have named our new group to something else but then Best Company was our norm so we stuck to it.

What I am trying to say? A group name is just a name, sure it creates story and it affects the group as a whole but then, the member is the real deal. Without a solid friends as members what’s the use of the name then? A design maybe? But for who? For society? Who am I kidding?

If you were to ask me if there is still Best Company – the one we founded back in 2002, well Yes. They are still part of it. It was ours. It is still ours. But if you were to ask me if they are my other halves? No, my other halves are just Patty, Reena, Mighty and Rose.

I have nothing against the other members of Best Company. I still love them. But right now, I am not writing for them. I am writing for my four girls.

The five of us. We can be Power Rangers or even Voltes Five because we really work well together. We know when to shut up and when to mess up with each other. We correct each other with love. Of course at times we feel neglected but we make sure that there will be make up sessions.

They are my other halves because we complement each other in almost everything. I guess that sums it up.

The thing is, we can get by without a group name as long as we have each other. We can name our group No One but we can still be the happiest because we know who we are — we are SOMEONE. Someone who will stick through thick and thin, not because we have to but we want to. Someone who will not be afraid to show one eyebrow up when somebody is lying and not just that, because we are going to dig the truth until we are sure enough that each of us is truly okay.

Time and circumstances have been testing us for almost 12 years now. And here we are, still together. We aren’t in the business of letting anything gets between us. Not today. Not ever.

Patty, Reena, Mighty and Rose are my living proof of Proverbs 18:24, “There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother”

Who are yours?


I love them. I just do.