When The Message of Hope Is Stronger Than My Pain

I was in pain when I woke up and still in pain while writing this. I just came home from work and I really wanted to just throw myself in my bed, lie down and snuggle my pillow until my eyes are so heavy I have no choice but have another dreamland visit. But, I feel the need to share what made me literally happy today. It might be an ordinary story for most, but it was an extraordinary for me.

When I was a kid, I used to dream of becoming a nun thinking it was pretty cool to wear their dress (I still do) and be respected by many (and I still respect them, really!). I’ve never been a Catholic but being a nun was one of my childhood fantasies. I stopped hoping to be one when I realized that being a nun means not having and creating your own family. You don’t get to be married (to a certain someone) and have your own children (I’m talking about flesh and blood), although you will still be a mother to many. And of course, you don’t get to experience growing old with the person who will always choose to love you regardless. (See, at an early age, I already know I don’t have calling for singleness).

Few hours ago, I was drinking my favorite green tea with red bean while sitting beside a beautiful nun. It happened this way — I didn’t understand why everyone wanted to sit at the middle and back part of FX and people at my back were trying to get ahead of me, knowing the front seats were still unoccupied. The barker suddenly grabbed the door and opened it (which is unusual) and said, “Sister, you may seat here.” (Ann’s version) and I was like, “Hi, may I seat beside you?” and she smiled at me and let me in. I felt like, I was the bravest among others for having the guts to ask her. And ohhh, blessed as well because it’s not every day that you get to seat and talk with a nun.

I decided to pay for her fare but then the barker returned my money and said she’s riding for free. Wow, talking about respect and provision. The high light was when I started to ask her some personal questions on how she came up with a decision to enter a seminary and become a nun. She said, it wasn’t easy, there were discouragements and temptations and everything else. It’s always an everyday decision to remain a nun. She called it discernment. It’s like, you are being tested and you have a choice to make — to stay or to leave.

And would you believe she even asked me about Christian faith? And how it is different (and similar at the same time) from Catholic and other sector? And our perception of Mary and saints? I was more than happy to answer, I said, being a Christian is more than just a religion, it is a lifestyle. That your action must back up your claim. It is honoring God and making disciples. It is acknowledging that you are in need of Jesus in your life. We believe that there is three persona in one God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus is 100 % man and 100 % God and he came to save us. That God revealed himself through Jesus Christ. That though we respect Mary and all the saints, it is only through Jesus that we have direct access to God because he is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through him (see John 14:6). I even acknowledged Mary because Jesus showed respect and love to her. Remember how Jesus turned water into wine during a wedding because of Mary’s request? (see John 2). And she was smiling at me and listening attentively.

I also shared Apostle Paul’s story because he is my favorite character in the bible besides Jesus and God of course, only to find out that hers is Paul too. We were like sharing a favorite bed time story. She even laughed. Imagined, she laughed. It was priceless to speak to her and share the good news (the gospel). I can go on and on of what we talked about because believe me, it was such an amazing conversation I never wanted it to end. But let me try to close this by one of the most important parts of our talk and I believe it is safe to say that she wholeheartedly agreed with me:

It is not enough that we attend Sunday mass every week. We have to read the bible and meditate on it. God already provided us His very heart. It is when we pray that we talk to God, and it is when we read the bible and ponder the word that He is talking to us. The only way that you will know if what the person is feeding you is right and in line with the word of God is when you read and study the word too.”

I know I still have a race to run and I still need to fight the good fight of faith. I cannot do it on my own. I need Jesus in my life. Truth be told, it’s the Holy Spirit that enabled me to share God’s love despite my pain. It was at that moment that an energy suddenly kicked in. We have a message of hope, let’s change the world by sharing the hope — who is Jesus Christ.

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…” (Romans 1:16)


The End


It’s a water over the dam and at the same time it’s a water under the bridge. Something that I’ve tucked in inside the far corner of my brain. A memory that so old yet could be so fresh when I allowed it to. And today… I decided to look back and put those days into words. Words that could cut my heart like it was just yesterday but could heal me the moment I stopped thinking about it.

It was a tug-of-war. It had always been between my heart and my brain. I thought when you’re in love everything would just be magical — like fairy tales, it would always have, “and they live happily ever after” and that’s the end. But then, I realized, antagonist were also real. They could be a person or even circumstances and when they got you, you could either have your happy ending or just simply have your “the end.” I didn’t have my “and we live happly ever after,” I just got my THE END.

He was my first love, and as cliche as it could be, “you never forget your first love…” It’s not because you messed up and couldn’t move on but because it’s the first time you felt those jumbled emotions inside you. And it’s the first time you asked yourself, “Is he the one? Please let him be the one…” and then you hoped and prayed about it. And then pray a little harder when things weren’t working.

I wish I could remember how many times I prayed. How many times I plead the Lord to make me steady and more stronger. I wish I wasn’t that weak. I wish I fell in love with the same guy but on different circumstances. I wish, I could still wish. But I tell you what, even if I can, I won’t. I won’t because I don’t think I can.

And here’s the glimpse of my first heart beat and my first heart break.

I wasn’t a bad girl. He wasn’t a bad boy. We had good grades and both of us were in pilot sections. Being in the relationship didn’t drag our grades down. In fact, it actually accelerated our points up. We were in love and it was legal. My parents knew about him. We were happy. I always had butterflies in my stomach and loving him made me shiver but in a good way. I saw lots of imaginary hearts in the sky instead of stars when he’s around.

He was near to perfection. Maybe he was my simple twisted perfection. He had the ability to make me forget all the problems popping out on our way when we were together. He had the power to make me believe everything’s going to be fine. That I shouldn’t worry because he got my back. And when he’s around I knew I could go on and just be happy because I deserved it… I deserved him… we deserved our happiness. When I was with him my twisted feelings went hide and seek and I ended up not minding how twisted our relationship were.

I wish, I was always with him because when I wasn’t the reality got the best of me. Yes, I was happy when I was with him… only when I was with him. And that’s the hardest part.

It was Christmas, I got the best day of the year. Things were getting better. Issues were being settled. Until, someone who’s so important to him texted him saying things that caught me off guard. I wanted to cry. All I wanted to do was to love him, and I knew that he’d do everything for me because he loved me twice as much. But I knew the chips weren’t going to land in its place and one of us must do something about it.

The tug-of-war became more visible. How could I totally be happy and be absolutely sad at the same time? How could be something be so right yet so wrong? One minute I was the princess, another minute I was the damsel in distress and here came another minute and I was the villain. I was the villian – turned out to be the prince’s special someone. Totally messed up. Totally broken.

I wish I could tell everyone what really happened but that would mean naming people and it would hurt the crap out of him. I do not want their identity nor their relationship with him be mentioned to this. They might not liked me and I might not totally liked them either but I loved them. I loved them because he loved them. And I was ready to love important people in his life even if that would mean eating my pride.

Going back, I was emotionally stressed. Verbal words coming from the people who he could have even if I’m out of the picture left the wound so fresh and so big. I tried nursing it, I swear I did but I just couldn’t or it just wouldn’t heal at all. My worries got the best of me. His words were still the same but I couldn’t get things out of my head. I wanted to tell my brain, it’s okay. That everything would be fine. But my heart knew I’m dying inside. I didn’t have the heart to tell him what’s really going on with me. I knew he would try to console me just like what he always did. I wanted heart and flowers and I got those, but then I wanted approval because I was so worn out. I couldn’t hold on anymore.

I thought “You-and-Me-Against-The-World” was just fiction, but it wasn’t. Maybe I should blame my age because I was young and have no idea what to do. Or maybe I should blame people because they said things against us without validation. Or maybe I should blame circumstances for putting us to that situation. Or the universe for spinning against us. Or maybe I just have to blame myself because I was the one that got away.

And then one day he told me we needed a minute. I was so scared. I knew I’ve been thinking of letting him go for good but I just didn’t have the strength to do that. I knew he wouldn’t leave me. I knew he would still find his way back to me because I was his heart. But I wasn’t sure anymore if I could still endure the pain. And I used that time to think. And no matter how hard I pushed my head to find another way to deal with things, one thing kept on playing in my head, “I needed to grow up.”

And growing up means breaking his heart. And I did. I did because I knew one day he’d thank me for breaking his heart. I lied when I told him I was in love with someone else. Lame excused but I said that so he would let me go. I didn’t do that just because I fall out of love, I did what I did because it was the only option I had in mind. I didn’t want to ask him to choose between me and them. I didn’t have the heart to tell him “I love you so I’m letting you go…” because I would just give him another reason to fight and I couldn’t fight anymore because I was so broken and I needed to heal. I didn’t want to see him after the break up because I knew even if I was wearing my poker face that if he tried harder to get me back I would end up agreeing with him. And I just couldn’t… I just couldn’t because I loved him pretty much that it hurts big time to stay with him. I was so mad because I had to do those painful stuffs.

Asking him to wait for me didn’t cross my mind since I didn’t know where my growing up thing would lead me. I needed him to stop babying me. I needed him to tell me I was wrong and deal with it not do the other way around. I needed the pain to go away. I needed my own dose of medicines and I needed him to stop giving me pain relievers. I needed to get up on my own. I just needed those things even if I never wanted to be away from him. I never wanted that, I just needed them.

And for the record, breaking his heart was not the last thing I wanted to do in this world. It was something not in my to-do list. Maybe given other circumstances, I could’ve stayed. But that’s the thing, I wasn’t given something else… only that.

When he was crying, I was crying harder. I broke someone’s heart, how could I even feel better then? How could I be happy when someone was suffering because of me? And how could I even console his heart when I didn’t know how to mend mine? Probably I was stupid. Maybe I was the one that got away and at the same time I was the one who pushed him away. But looking back to those days, I realized it made us a better person. It lead him to someone else and he’s happy. And it’s more than enough.

Well, my first heart beat was full of love and I’m glad I experienced that kind of love. My first heart break killed me slowly and then hit my core so bad I couldn’t see straight, but I guess, pain was there to remind me I loved true. And then, I realized I was quoting, “Sometimes people fall in love with each other but not meant to be together forever…” which could be true or not true.

To make things shorter, I didn’t get my happy ending but sure, I got my happiness in between before I got my… “The End.”

A Miracle Baby, A Wonderful Little Big Man!


One of my favorite pictures of my only brother.

I only have one brother and he’s 10 years younger than I. To give you a background, my parents had to consult a doctor to help them produce a baby boy. They even used Chinese calendar to make sure that the outcome of the baby’s gender would actually be a gender of a boy.

Frankly, I wasn’t happy when I found out that Mama was bringing my younger brother inside her womb. I even cried telling my parents, “Ako lang bunso niyo, ako lang ang baby niyo!” (I am your youngest child and I will remain your only baby!) Well… How could you ever blame a 10-year-old-kid for behaving such way when most of the people surrounding her seem to have no heart for telling her, “Ayyy… hindi ka na mapapansin ng Mama at Papa mo pag lumabas na ang kapatid mo…” (Ayyy… your parents won’t be able to give you enough attention when your brother arrives) Yes, I understand after some time that it was just a plain joke (my parents used to assure me that they love me no less) but I was just a kid… how could I ever take that kind of joke when my security was at stake?

After some explanations and an assurance that my brother was and will never be a replacement of me but an additional member to our family, I finally learned to accept him and eventually got excited to meet and play with him.


My brother was proclaimed no heart beat inside Mama’s womb on August 3, 1999. My other sibling, my Atss Vhey (older sister Vhey) and I were at our house waiting for a good update on Mama’s safe delivery; yet what we received was a bad news. I was shocked. May Ate was shocked too. We (together with some cousins) prayed asking Lord God to please save my brother and our Mama.

In hospital, my parents were praying too. I remember Mama’s story that after the doctor told her that the baby was not responding and has no heartbeat, she immediately talked to God to please let her have him. Mama’s prayer was, “Lord sampung taon ko siyang hinintay. Siyam na buwan ko siyang inalagaan sa aking sinapupunan. Hayaan niyo kong patuloy siyang alagaan. Ipagkaloob niyo po siya sa akin” (Lord, I have waited for this baby for ten years. I have been taking good care of him inside my womb for nine months. Please let me take care of him more. Please bless me with this baby).

After praying, Mama pleaded the doctors and staffs to please check the baby’s heartbeat once more. They didn’t want to, but Mama was so persistent. She would not let go of my baby brother. So the doctor gave it a try and in an instant my brother was responding. How great is our God for hearing our prayers!

It didn’t end that way…

Papa had to choose between Mama and the baby. He had to choose who’s to be saved. Mama was at operating room because she delivered my brother via caesarian and was suffering from high blood pressure which made their life at stake. Papa did not want to choose, he was constant on telling the doctor to save both. It wasn’t easy, I knew it was hard because his wife and his most awaited son were in danger and he didn’t want to lose any of them. Again, through God’s grace, both were saved.

Today, my brother is no longer a baby—-he is now a big little man. In few months he will turn 14 and I will be forever grateful for his life. Gone are the days when he cried because he’s hungry or his diaper was too wet. Gone are the days when everything needs to be handed to him. For today, he is a grown up young man. Yet, in my heart he will always be my little brother—-the one I love the most, the person who I can tag along when I want to go somewhere, who never fails to make me laugh but makes me mad at times, who loves basketball and has a say on everything. And yes, he shares secrets too like crushes, text mates and even frustrations. Oh.. How time flies so fast.

I pray for his happiness and security. I pray for his wonderful future but most of all I pray that he would seek God’s kingdom more.

I am blessed for having two siblings, my older sister vhey and my younger brother Jome. The good thing about us is that, we still hang out together, plans get-away and talk things out. Well, I can’t even imagine what life could be without our brother.

And if you don’t know yet, August 3 was the same date when my Papa’s father died but with different year. Sometimes, I couldn’t help but feel that Mama was right when she told me that probably Jome was given to us to make August 3 more remarkable as we reminisce the death of a wonderful father named Rizal, we too celebrate the life of your brother Jome. Amazing!

I Love You Big Time


“You’ll always be my best friend…” -Relient K.

If I were to give a word synonymous to Patty, I would say EVERYTHING. Obviously, the word is not as glamorous as pretty or gorgeous but everyone wants to be somebody’s everything – that’s what you are to me. (You are more than pretty and gorgeous, better than the word best… you sum up everything!)

Happy Blessed Birthday Best friend!

I wish that you could see yourself the way I see you – because when talking about my favorite story, I can’t help but to see you being part of it. I thank our good Lord for sending you, that though our parents are different… God still allowed us to have each other – forever – like sisters! (Dear God, thank you!) And I thank you for the things you’ve done for me without asking anything in return. I believe that the best thing a best friend can do is to hug you tightly – that’s what we do. We hug. We laugh. We talk. We cry. And when we cry, we cry together – no pretensions, we just let the tears fall and then we hug again!

I love you big time and when I say big time, it’s something more than a dictionary can define. I can’t even define it myself. (Hahaha, what did I just say?) Anyway, I would also like to let you know that you have no other choice but to stick with me ’cause if you don’t I’ll break your neck. (Clear? Lol) No, seriously… I’ll forever hold you, letting you know that you got me like the way I got you.

By the way, Piglet in Winnie the Pooh movie once said, “Who knows the right thing to say when I’m feeling so blue?” I guess, not even you… but then again, you always have two ears ready to listen, two arms ready to hug me every single time and two hands to hold me tightly when I’m falling into pieces. Those things are always better than saying something and yeah, what more can I say? Guess I couldn’t ask for more. Hey, I lost track. Been saying so much but still not enough to tell everyone why you’re my everything.

Well… perhaps, I’m having a hard time conveying my thoughts since this topic is something so precious to me that I find it really hard to put things into words. Sooo, again… Happy Birthday! I am truly blessed to have you. You’ll always be my best friend.

*Biggest, warmest, tightest HUGS*

Someone who loves you forever unconditionally 

Running: A Metaphor For Life


Photo credit: Edison Cruz’s facebook account. Run United 2.

“Running is the greatest metaphor of life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” –Oprah Winfrey.

I was browsing some quotes when all of a sudden Oprah Winfrey’s words got my attention. I failed to understand its true meaning the first time I read it but I knew it would be the best quote to use for what I have in mind – it would be perfect because my subject loves to run, but I don’t know how on earth it is related to life. Perhaps because running makes us healthy – physically and emotionally, but… is that all?

It was 3AM of Tuesday… I told myself: Later, I’ll figure things out… I need to figure things out or else I would end up giving Edison the first blog I wrote (A Happy Birthday or A Giveaway?).  But that won’t happen since obviously, I have this blog (maybe I’ll show him both). Now… let me tell you a brief story.

Looking back…

Edison Rances Cruz – Going to cinema has been our way of getting along or catching things up. On our last movie together he told me, “Pinag iisapan ko na mag gym at magpapayat” (I’m thinking of going to gym and be fit again). I don’t know if by then he was just telling me his plans or he’s waiting for my opinion. Unsure of what to say, I told him “Kaya mo yan, update mo ko ha!” (You can do it and please keep me updated).

Of course, he knew it was a hard decision – hard because one must devote his time in order to see the fruit of his labor. Results cannot be seen over night so without patience things wouldn’t be possible. There were days when he would call me because he wanted to just give up. There were instances when whining was the only option he had to lessen the burden. Over the phone he would say, “Nag oorder yung mga officemates ko ng masasarap at fatty foods samantalang ako panay vegetable salad sa KFC pero wala pa din nangyayari…” (While my officemates have been ordering delicious and fatty foods, I am stuck eating KFC’s vegetable salad yet nothing has changed [pertaining to his weight loss]). And he would ask me to cheer him up and say something to make him feel that he’s still doing things right.

And though he hasn’t seen the outcome yet, he still accepted the challenge from he’s co-workers. Certain group of people had to lose weight; the person who would get the lowest weight loss would have to pay the agreed consequences. Guess what? He won. He was so motivated not because he wanted to lose weight but because he didn’t want to pay the price when they defeat him. But let me tell you what I realized,  it was never about the money he had to spend if he didn’t make it but he actually wanted to hit two things at the same time. The idea of winning and losing some pounds has boosted his competitive side. It was… well… a healthy competition.

It was a challenge he had to do alone but it was and will never be something he has to face on his own. I couldn’t do all the routines for him but you can bet that just like always my ears are ready to listen to his stories – whether it’s about whining or some sort of happy things – doesn’t matter anyway.

But you know what? It’s not going to gym where he found happiness… it was through running. He started spending his time running alone. He fell in love with running – with his earphone plugged in his ears. Music has been accompanying him all along. Until… he decided to join fun runs and then marathons.

Running… running… running… and then life. What makes them similar? At what point? Maybe because running has been teaching us the same lesson life has taught us – to find our own pace, to learn how to endure pain, to know our reasons… our purpose. Every single time you run, there is a point of discovery. You will discover your limitations; take for example how many miles can you finish in one run?  Five miles perhaps? Or maybe you can’t even finish 10 miles, therefore, it will allow a person to accept what he can do and what he cannot. Pushing our limits will help us know our capacity. We could have been injured if we go beyond our power but if we know what we are capable of then things would be easier.

They say that life is a continuous process. I say it’s true. When we run there is always a point of interval, at the end of it there is always a finish line awaits us – to show that we’ve completed our goal, but… it doesn’t equate to stopping our pace. You can always choose what kind of fun runs and marathons to join… and then, begin again. If you intend to win but fail, just keep on trying. Let’s not make things complicated. Life is complex but it doesn’t need to be complicated.


His way of enjoying his free time.

Going back, Edison once told me that running is his “ME TIME”. It is his way of processing things. Before it has always been about shedding some pounds but after discovering what running can do for him both emotionally and physically, running is no longer part of his ‘’must-to-do” things. Now, it’s part of his system… something he loves to do.

I don’t know if I am making sense, well… I hope I do. Guess I have to discover more connections between running and life. Maybe you should too! Seriously, I’m running out of words. By now, Edison must know, without a doubt that I am so proud of his accomplishments (losing 18 kilos is not easy by the way) because if not, I’m going to break his bone (laughing).

Edison is my real-life Flash (Justice League) better yet my favorite guy. Flash is capable of running faster than a speed of light. My favorite guy is capable of turning darkness into light (something flash is not capable of) because he has the power of making me smile in one hello.

In parting, let me quote something I have read somewhere, “When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart…”

P.S: Happy 23rd Birthday Ba***! Now, you are “Mr. Piggy No More” You deserve the hotness in every way possible! Well… at least for today! *to the moon and back*

A Good Man Never Dies He Just Says Goodbye


Today is Grandpa’s 80th birthday. He passed away due to kidney problem and body complications about 22 years ago. All of his grandchildren address him as Tatay instead of Lolo (Father instead of Grandpa), because we mimic our parents and that is how our parents address him.

To give you a background, my older sister and I are the luckiest grandchildren because Tatay was able to hug, kiss and take good care of us. He was there when we were born and he was present during our first birthday. That is why my sister and I have photos with him.

Honestly, I don’t remember anything about Lolo because I was less than 2 years old when he died. All I know is that he is a good man. No wonder that he’s truly a good man because Nanay (mother but actually my Grandma) never thought of marrying someone else after Tatay died. She would tell us how lucky she was for having Tatay and for having nine kids with him.

I grew up going to cemetery yearly especially during his birthday, death anniversary, Nanay and Tatay’s wedding anniversary and all souls day. And you wouldn’t believe it but we love going there because Nanay would bring a lot of food while my Aunties and Uncles would buy pizza or anything we want during all souls day. But of course, we love to be there because we know that Nanay despite the long years still misses her husband. And among us, she knows Tatay inside out.

In my blog, “A Miracle Baby, A Wonderful Little Big Man” I stated there that my brother was born as we remember Tatay’s 8th years death anniversary. So even he’s no longer with us we still celebrate his life through my brother’s birthday.

Now, I just want to say “Happy Birthday Tatay and we love you so much” you are such a lucky man because your wife, kids and your grandchildren love you genuinely. We’ve heard a lot of stories about you and how wonderful you are. I just hope that you are still here because no words can define how much Nanay misses you… everyday!

We are celebrating your birthday! I am sending you big hugs across the miles Tatay! You will never be forgotten because “A Good Man Never Dies He Just Says Goodbye…” You are here, inside our head and inside our heart!

Telling Myself: Stop Talking and Start Working…

I just have to write my thoughts down (through words/writing) because my head is about to explode if I won’t. I am just giving myself a sudden break dealing with articles…


Lately, I’ve been doing some writing jobs. It’s pretty hard in a way that I rewrite articles without using almost the same words but should end up with the same thought when put together as one paragraph… as one whole article again. I am allowed to use synonyms but not to the extent that I am just changing words. I have to paraphrase everything… as in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, from word up to sentences… everything.

It’s actually a challenge for me because I’m not really good when it comes to basic grammar (thank God it’s not about basic grammar… I thought it was). Seriously, I mean… don’t ever ask me where the compound predicate is or where is the adverb or where is the conjunction. Of course, I know the answer (sometimes not.. haha!), but please! Don’t ever ask me that… I just find it so hard to deal with. As my Journalism professor told us, “teaching basic grammar is the job of an elementary English teacher.” Just ask me if your grammar is wrong instead and I’ll be willing to help you correct it but never ever ask me to explain why it is wrong… (unless you want me to open books and let’s study together) I don’t want that! I mean if you’re old enough and finished schooling, you should at some point know how to construct your own sentences correctly (even those in grade school already know how to construct sentences, common… shame to those who finished high school but can’t even express themselves using English. I’m not saying that you have to be very good on it, even a little knowledge will do. Give it a try!) However, sometimes we tend to make some wrong grammar errors and that’s acceptable… that’s normal! Don’t stab yourself to death if somebody corrects you. We all make mistakes, I bet even the best writers commit grammar errors at times (prolly that’s the reason why we have proof readers… that’s their job.)

I’m not writing to teach you about grammar. It’s just that I realized that I underestimated my capability when it comes to writing. The objective of my current writing job is to rewrite the article – title, subheadings and sentences. I was given also the following pointers: Don’t just change the words or use synonyms. Rewrite the sentence – change the sentence structure, paraphrase, while still keeping the meaning/thoughts of the original sentence (it has format by the way but I’m not going to explain it further.)

I was so hesitant to try it at first. Family members were telling me that I can do it since my vocabulary isn’t bad plus I do love writing since I’ve been writing blogs for my tumblr and wordpress account. Well, writing is just a hobby… my forte is on creative writing. I hate technicalities in writing… I hate writing formal letters. I don’t know what’s with it but something within me keeps on telling me “Ann, don’t write that… that’s hard… and boring!” *Kidding*

I guess our clients are from America. I am actually learning new words as I write those articles and it’s pretty cool. Really cool, didn’t expect that I could be able to finish even just one article. Sometimes it just a matter of trying new things and pushing yourself to learn how it is being done (you’ll get into it if it’s really meant for you! *crossing fingers*)

Well, while I am finishing my last two articles… it suddenly reminds me of Mr. Priceless’ assignment for her sister’s condo. His Ate (oldest sister) who lives in California has her condo unit in Rockwell and Mr. Priceless’ task is to look after it. I’ve been working on with these certain topics about how condo rental owners can effectively rent out their condominiums, or pointers to keep in mind when looking for new tenants and so on and so forth (topics are not just about condos we have a lot), which made me think of him. I wish tenants wouldn’t give him any headaches knowing that he’s too nice to suffer from one. (You just don’t know how good he is!)

Okay… I am just a lucky blessed girl for being able to write what’s on my head. Should also give credits to my ever dearest best friend named Patty who I fondly called Patchie or Boi for always believing in my writing skills. She pushed me to write, she even told me to look for writing jobs and even told me how good I am ever since I met her. She’s like my sister!

And Yes… to those who actually appreciate my blogs, especially that Mr. Priceless blog… Thank you!

Though, I’m still having a hard time doing my new tasks, I’m still willing to finish everything. I believe I can do all of those… (because I have no other choice but to finish everything) *Kidding*

You can’t be a good writer if you don’t practice your writing skills. You have to do what it takes to enhance your ability. God’s given gifts are made for us to use hoping to touch people hearts…

So there… not really something to ponder… just giving my head a big break dealing with articles. Writing allows me to express myself and at the same time my way of releasing stress!

So… I should now stop talking and start working!