Share Thoughts… Earn Money…

The good thing about writing is that it allows a person to express and share the things that are running through his head. It gives him the freedom to speak and at the same time contemplate some thoughts. Not only does writing will help a person improve his vocabulary or skills but it may also touch and inspire people’s life.


Have you ever considered writing what you feel on a sheet of paper just so you can release bad vibes or make those emotional loads a little lighter? How about writing something to express what you feel to a person or with some things? Have you ever tried stepping one step at a time to help yourself comprehend those possible topics that you can share to others?

Well, writing is not easy because there are lots of bashers around who will say negative things about your article. Despite this fact, you also have to keep in mind that there are also millions of people who you can inspire through your writing and that is more important. Note that you write to express and to inspire not to impress.

This year, I decided to create my blog site. I have two, one is tumblr account then the other is wordpress account. I was hesitant at first but I was shocked when people around the world would hit like and share buttons for my articles. I don’t get paid for my posts but more than getting paid is the idea that I am able to impart knowledge and touch their lives. Just like what I said to some of my previous articles, I am still working on with my writing skills. I understand that I still have a long way to run, a very long way for me to enhance this God given gift.

Before, writing is just a hobby until a door open and now I get to earn extra income through writing. So now I can call myself a freelance writer (allow me to call myself that name because being a writer is one of my dreams.) I rewrite articles for clients abroad and now in addition to this, I have this account to earn an additional extra income. It is pretty cool knowing that before, I only blog to share ideas and tell stories anything under the sun. Now, I am getting paid! Hooray… this really excites me because I earn money (not big though but you can’t get money by just sitting hoping that a coin will land on your lap) while doing my first love—writing!

So guys, share your ideas and have some fun.

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