Undeserved Favor

1240090_855814067897200_8729190645228846522_nTechnically, it was Nanay (actually my grandmother) who had a doctor appointment last Saturday. I, on the other hand was really in pain because of my heel. I thought it was just a normal pain but for more than two weeks the pain won’t leave me.

It was Saturday, the doctor does not only accept walk in – you have to make an appointment – he does not accept health card payment during Saturday as well. Despite that, he allowed me only because I am Nanay’s granddaughter. It was really such a favor.

The doctor could have said no, but he didn’t! He was very approachable too and compassionate. He said I have this Achilles tendinitis that reminded me so much of Achilles heel while we were talking. Funny thing was, I have the same gel with Nanay that it lessens my-to-buy-medicines.

It was a day of getting real favor. Nanay bought me Green tea cream frappe after check up and I discovered the wonders of senior citizen discounts which make me excited to be 60. Way to go Ann!!!

It felt like God was using my Nanay that day for me to be reminded to trust Him more whenever I am in doubt. In doubt because, even if I knew the doctor would accept me – not because of my own doing but Nanay’s – I kept on asking “Paano kung hindi? Saang Orthopedic ako?” (What if he won’t accept me? Whose Ortophedic could possibly check on me?)…

To be continued… (I gotta rest! Edit. Revision. Everything will follow. Buuuut I am posting this now…)