Telling Myself: Stop Talking and Start Working…

I just have to write my thoughts down (through words/writing) because my head is about to explode if I won’t. I am just giving myself a sudden break dealing with articles…


Lately, I’ve been doing some writing jobs. It’s pretty hard in a way that I rewrite articles without using almost the same words but should end up with the same thought when put together as one paragraph… as one whole article again. I am allowed to use synonyms but not to the extent that I am just changing words. I have to paraphrase everything… as in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, from word up to sentences… everything.

It’s actually a challenge for me because I’m not really good when it comes to basic grammar (thank God it’s not about basic grammar… I thought it was). Seriously, I mean… don’t ever ask me where the compound predicate is or where is the adverb or where is the conjunction. Of course, I know the answer (sometimes not.. haha!), but please! Don’t ever ask me that… I just find it so hard to deal with. As my Journalism professor told us, “teaching basic grammar is the job of an elementary English teacher.” Just ask me if your grammar is wrong instead and I’ll be willing to help you correct it but never ever ask me to explain why it is wrong… (unless you want me to open books and let’s study together) I don’t want that! I mean if you’re old enough and finished schooling, you should at some point know how to construct your own sentences correctly (even those in grade school already know how to construct sentences, common… shame to those who finished high school but can’t even express themselves using English. I’m not saying that you have to be very good on it, even a little knowledge will do. Give it a try!) However, sometimes we tend to make some wrong grammar errors and that’s acceptable… that’s normal! Don’t stab yourself to death if somebody corrects you. We all make mistakes, I bet even the best writers commit grammar errors at times (prolly that’s the reason why we have proof readers… that’s their job.)

I’m not writing to teach you about grammar. It’s just that I realized that I underestimated my capability when it comes to writing. The objective of my current writing job is to rewrite the article – title, subheadings and sentences. I was given also the following pointers: Don’t just change the words or use synonyms. Rewrite the sentence – change the sentence structure, paraphrase, while still keeping the meaning/thoughts of the original sentence (it has format by the way but I’m not going to explain it further.)

I was so hesitant to try it at first. Family members were telling me that I can do it since my vocabulary isn’t bad plus I do love writing since I’ve been writing blogs for my tumblr and wordpress account. Well, writing is just a hobby… my forte is on creative writing. I hate technicalities in writing… I hate writing formal letters. I don’t know what’s with it but something within me keeps on telling me “Ann, don’t write that… that’s hard… and boring!” *Kidding*

I guess our clients are from America. I am actually learning new words as I write those articles and it’s pretty cool. Really cool, didn’t expect that I could be able to finish even just one article. Sometimes it just a matter of trying new things and pushing yourself to learn how it is being done (you’ll get into it if it’s really meant for you! *crossing fingers*)

Well, while I am finishing my last two articles… it suddenly reminds me of Mr. Priceless’ assignment for her sister’s condo. His Ate (oldest sister) who lives in California has her condo unit in Rockwell and Mr. Priceless’ task is to look after it. I’ve been working on with these certain topics about how condo rental owners can effectively rent out their condominiums, or pointers to keep in mind when looking for new tenants and so on and so forth (topics are not just about condos we have a lot), which made me think of him. I wish tenants wouldn’t give him any headaches knowing that he’s too nice to suffer from one. (You just don’t know how good he is!)

Okay… I am just a lucky blessed girl for being able to write what’s on my head. Should also give credits to my ever dearest best friend named Patty who I fondly called Patchie or Boi for always believing in my writing skills. She pushed me to write, she even told me to look for writing jobs and even told me how good I am ever since I met her. She’s like my sister!

And Yes… to those who actually appreciate my blogs, especially that Mr. Priceless blog… Thank you!

Though, I’m still having a hard time doing my new tasks, I’m still willing to finish everything. I believe I can do all of those… (because I have no other choice but to finish everything) *Kidding*

You can’t be a good writer if you don’t practice your writing skills. You have to do what it takes to enhance your ability. God’s given gifts are made for us to use hoping to touch people hearts…

So there… not really something to ponder… just giving my head a big break dealing with articles. Writing allows me to express myself and at the same time my way of releasing stress!

So… I should now stop talking and start working!


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