Get Lost Alcohol


Alcohol beverages seem to have this invisible sign “TASTE ME” especially for those people who are fond of drinking spirited bottles. Also, alcohol beverages have been a friend to many. They see it as their last resort of strength to cope up with the pain they are going through at the moment. They say that through drinking alcohol they will forget the things that hurt or those things that disappoint them.

…but, will it actually help you solve something?

Since kid, I wonder what’s good about drinking alcohol when in fact, it drives you crazy. It gives you a wild imagination and gives you strength to do several things that you would regret sooner or later. Is that what you call a friend? A traitor—a friend would not leave you feeling sorry afterwards.

I have tasted some alcohol drinks just to know the feeling and its taste, but I don’t even understand what’s good about it. It doesn’t even taste good. It is bitter and well… yeah… I hate the taste plus the smell. So I don’t understand what is in there that makes the demand of alcohol drinks get higher and higher each year!

Most crimes were made by suspects under the spirit of alcohol, worst under the power of drugs. I just wish that these alcohol beverages will get lost or if not, I wish that people would know the pros and cons and at least limit their self from drinking it. Make sure that you can handle yourself when drinking one, or better just avoid drinking to protect yourself, your health and to give those people around you the peace of mind they deserved.


Adam & Eve: Partners not Playmates

“Eve was not taken out of Adam’s head to top him, neither out of his feet to be trampled by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him and near his heart to be loved by him.” —-Matthew Henry’s commentary on Genesis.

Matthew Henry’s commentary on Genesis sums up the core responsibility of men to women. Sadly, today several men have forgotten how it is to be a man—-their roles, responsibilities and values.

The world taught us that women are now equal to men, thus men at some point see women as their opponent instead of as their partner. There are some relationships wherein if the woman gets higher income, it turned out to be a big slap on her boyfriend or husband’s face. Where in fact, he should be rejoicing and cheering for her. Isn’t that the guy should be tapping her back while saying, “Good job Honey!” (or whatever terms of endearment you want to address your significant other)  instead of competing with her salary and making a big deal out of it?

Having a higher income does not mean she would be your boss and would top you. Remember ‘Eve is not taken out of Adam’s head to top him…’ so relax. Why worry knowing that among the foundations of a good relationship are love, trust respect and not money. I don’t even remember that money is a prerequisite to enter a relationship.

Moving on, I wonder why there are some battered-wives. Girls are not punching bags for whatever sake boys! In the heat of an argument, a man should take off his hands away from his partner especially when he intends to hurt her. Your hands should wipe girls tears not beat her! And yes, she’s not even your maid to be trampled. Oh wait; even servants should be treated fairly. There are now existing laws about that. Gone are the days when rulers can just hit their servants anytime. So move on, today is 2013! Again, remember, ‘Eve was not taken out of Adam’s feet to be trampled by him…’ so why act that way?


And… this is not written above but it is important to note that Eve (Woman) and Adam (Man) are partners not playmates. They are made to care for each other not to beat one another or play with each other’s hearts. The adage, “There is one woman for every man” is still true and should remain both in our hearts and minds. Stop playing ‘enie-minie-mini-mo’ game among women when you can’t decide which is which or who is who. Do not play with somebody’s heart! Do not even dare to play fire because eventually it can burn you…alive! And feeling sorry afterwards may be… well… usually too late!

Fine, I understand that we, women have a role to play too—- a role that should look after the welfare of our man. Just like the old saying, “It takes two to tango” so it is essential that lovers should complement and guide each other along the way. Because the truth is, ‘Eve was taken out of Adam’s side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him and near his heart to be loved by him’. —-Matthew Henry

How Difficult It Is To Have In-Laws?

I have been wondering how it would feel like to have an in-law. Would it feel like as if you have acquired new parents? Or would it feel like as if having new burdens to think about?


There are several types of in-laws. Some in-laws are very supportive and you are lucky if you have one. They will treat you as if you are their long lost son or daughter and you are truly part of the family. They will remain caring and supportive yet will set their own boundaries for you to be able to experience standing on your own as you start your own family.

However, there are also some in-laws who are very hard to be with. I mean, they will keep on nagging you about certain things as if they know everything. They will tell you what you have to do with their son or daughter and will not give you enough space so you can experience the freedom you supposed to experience. Yes, probably they are just concern with their kids but they do not know the proper way of expressing it.

Some in-laws seem not to care at all. They are there but as if they do not exist. They will either nod or shake their head when answering you. They are calm yet you can’t even feel they care. Or perhaps they do care but they happen to express it that way. Either way, I wonder if they really care.

I believe that having in-laws has pros and cons. But you have to keep in mind that when you enter a married life, they will be part of your life as well. I may not have the right to speak in terms on how should a person treat them but the mere fact that they are the parents of the person you married then isn’t just right to treat them fairly?

In any case keep in mind that stating your side is always acceptable. Humans tend to make mistakes and that’s normal. How you handle your emotions will surely make a difference. There will be days when life seems to be unfair for giving you that kind of in-laws but with your wife or husband around, you will still be thankful to them because somebody makes you happy through them. They brought that one person who will take care of you and your heart.

However, my question is… what if your in-laws have rough attitude? How should a person handle them? Is this normal? Can you share your ideas?

Thank You Papa!

My phone is capable of playing music yet I don’t feel comfortable using it during jogging or playing badminton with the family. I have been asking my younger brother if he has an idea on how much will it cost me if I decided to buy MP3.Well, I prefer MP3 over my phone when it comes to playing music because it is more convenient to bring.

You may wonder why MP3 and not other branded gadgets such as iPod shuffle or others. I want those too, but I am thinking of what is more convenient for me right now… something that will not cost me too much, besides I just want to play music…that’s all.

So there, I asked Papa to inquire MP3 for me.

One day, when Papa and Jome (my younger brother) went to a drugstore to buy my brother’s vitamins they came home with a surprise for me.

“Ate… Ate Ann…” my brother was then calling me.

“Yes?” I answered back.

“Try this, Papa bought this for you” he said as he handed me the small box.

“Is this really for me?” I inquire with a big smile upon seeing the MP3.

“Yes…” my brother said.

“Ngets (that’s how I fondly call my brother Jome), why pink? You know I don’t like pink right?” I was a little disappointed.

“I asked the vendor if there’s yellow but they don’t have. I checked some colors but those are not as good as this one. The sound of this is better compared to others” my brother explained.

“Alright…” I said.


I may have not totally appreciated its color but the mere idea that Papa spent money just to buy things I don’t actually need (I just want!) is something I should be thankful of. And though he may not afford to buy us expensive gadgets like other fathers do, I am still lucky because he let us feel that he loves us. He can tell us that he loves us dearly too both words and in action. I bet not all fathers do the same with their children. And yes, in return we (Ate, Jome and I) are not afraid to tell him how much we love him too.

More than having my MP3, I thank God for giving us Papa. He may not be the best father, but I believe I cannot be who I am today if I was born with different parents. Perhaps, I won’t be able to write blogs because chances are I have different life and different sets of interests.

So once again… Thank You Papa!

Share Thoughts… Earn Money…

The good thing about writing is that it allows a person to express and share the things that are running through his head. It gives him the freedom to speak and at the same time contemplate some thoughts. Not only does writing will help a person improve his vocabulary or skills but it may also touch and inspire people’s life.


Have you ever considered writing what you feel on a sheet of paper just so you can release bad vibes or make those emotional loads a little lighter? How about writing something to express what you feel to a person or with some things? Have you ever tried stepping one step at a time to help yourself comprehend those possible topics that you can share to others?

Well, writing is not easy because there are lots of bashers around who will say negative things about your article. Despite this fact, you also have to keep in mind that there are also millions of people who you can inspire through your writing and that is more important. Note that you write to express and to inspire not to impress.

This year, I decided to create my blog site. I have two, one is tumblr account then the other is wordpress account. I was hesitant at first but I was shocked when people around the world would hit like and share buttons for my articles. I don’t get paid for my posts but more than getting paid is the idea that I am able to impart knowledge and touch their lives. Just like what I said to some of my previous articles, I am still working on with my writing skills. I understand that I still have a long way to run, a very long way for me to enhance this God given gift.

Before, writing is just a hobby until a door open and now I get to earn extra income through writing. So now I can call myself a freelance writer (allow me to call myself that name because being a writer is one of my dreams.) I rewrite articles for clients abroad and now in addition to this, I have this account to earn an additional extra income. It is pretty cool knowing that before, I only blog to share ideas and tell stories anything under the sun. Now, I am getting paid! Hooray… this really excites me because I earn money (not big though but you can’t get money by just sitting hoping that a coin will land on your lap) while doing my first love—writing!

So guys, share your ideas and have some fun.

By the way, you can connect with me through these sites:






I Will Keep You Forever

“Sisters are probably the most competitive relationship within the family but once sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.” —-Margaret Mead

You’re lucky if you have someone in your life who you can considered your sister, but you are more than blessed if in return they regarded you as their sister too.

I have two siblings—-an older sister and a younger brother who is ten years younger than I. Since my subject is about sister, I’m not going to talk about my younger brother here.


Let me introduce to you my real sister and my best friends a.k.a best sisters.

One day while I was browsing some quotes, Mead’s quotation about sisters really got my attention as she said, “Sisters are probably the most competitive relationship within the family but once sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.” I was like… “This is really true!”


Remember those childhood memories when we clashed just because we wanted to get the biggest or the most beautiful part in everything — foods, clothes, toys… name it? Remember also when we first had our crush and we discussed every story with them and they giggled with us? Remember when we made mistakes and they were the one to catch us just so our parents won’t get mad at us? Or just this, the moment when we sleep right beside them — hugging them when we’re scared or sharing blankets together because it was so cold? Do you remember? Well… I do!

I am a lucky blessed girl for having eight sisters alive. Not all of them are my real sister but I love them… I love them… I love them… and I will keep them forever.

Let me whisper to you: “I Will Keep You Forever…”

My Real Sister


I call her Atss. She’s 612 days older than I. She’s married to a great man and now living almost one kilometer away from our house. She has her five-year old son who just finished kinder two with flying colors.

We were like twin sisters growing up because Mama used to dress us the same from head to foot. She’s the timid type while I was the… well… the surly, talkative type! *insert laugh* I normally said what’s on my head and I asked lots of questions nonstop. I remember Atss would tell me, “Antot (that’s how she addresses me) remember when we decided to save money, one peso a day then after 5 days we have 10 pesos as we combined our money. You were the first one to get the ten pesos, after getting the money you told me, you didn’t want to play anymore.” I cheated her, but I honestly don’t remember that.

We too, had our ups and downs. There were days when I failed to understand her. There were days when I get annoyed without any reasons. Sometimes the fire starts with her, sometimes with me. I may have said foul words when we had a fight but I love her just the same. She may have her new priorities but in my heart, she’ll always be my little playmate.

She just turned 25 years old about two days ago and I made on open letter for her stating how I love her.

My Best Friends a.k.a Best Sisters


There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18:24, NLT)

I have four wonderful girl friends. We’ve been best of friends since first year high school, which was 11 years ago. Up to date, no matter how busy we are, we always find them to hang out, watch movies or dvds, talk nonstop, laugh out loud and so on. We all have our own sister, I mean sister by blood except Patty.

Patty is my closest best friend among others. She’s my other half. We have lots of differences yet we have lots of similarities. She’s the real shy type. I nag her every single day, I nag her with love. She would always remind me how good I am at this or at that. I remember when I was texting her before, Mr. Priceless would throw joke stating “Tell Patty she’s disturbing us…” Patty likes Mr. Priceless a lot even if she never had a chance to meet him, in return Mr. Priceless appreciates Patty too. There were no days that I failed to share my itinerary with her. In fact, her name is the first entry on my phonebook, its “aa.pat marteja” Because she has no sister or brother, I used to sleep beside her at times. And she barely gets mad, isn’t it cool?

Rose is the strongest. She’s always willing to take challenges. Sexiest and always positive.

Reena at times uses her knowledge in psychology when speaking to us especially when about human behavior. I miss her a lot. (prolly she’s busy with someone else) and we are all really waiting for her to have a love life.

Mighty is almost just like me, she writes letters… and we always giggles about love stories and movies. We love our hair big time!

Mighty, Reena and Rose… I love them just like Patty. When I’m with them, I feel like a teen ager always! We giggle, talk about heart aches, love life, happiness or anything under the sun. Never did we buy alcohol beverages when we’re together istead we normally eat and eat and eat. How many calories can I get when I’m with them! *Kidding*

Perhaps it’s true that friends are the sisters God didn’t give us but He allows us to meet them and be with them just like any other sisters do.

Now that you know who are my sisters, have you ever think of yours?

In parting, it doesn’t matter how near or how far they are, the mere fact that they stay in our heart… then they will always have special place in our life… as Mighty would always tell me on her letters “Through the years you never let me down…” True enough… Sisters don’t let each others down.

So there… They are my Sister. Who are yours?

Telling Myself: Stop Talking and Start Working…

I just have to write my thoughts down (through words/writing) because my head is about to explode if I won’t. I am just giving myself a sudden break dealing with articles…


Lately, I’ve been doing some writing jobs. It’s pretty hard in a way that I rewrite articles without using almost the same words but should end up with the same thought when put together as one paragraph… as one whole article again. I am allowed to use synonyms but not to the extent that I am just changing words. I have to paraphrase everything… as in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, from word up to sentences… everything.

It’s actually a challenge for me because I’m not really good when it comes to basic grammar (thank God it’s not about basic grammar… I thought it was). Seriously, I mean… don’t ever ask me where the compound predicate is or where is the adverb or where is the conjunction. Of course, I know the answer (sometimes not.. haha!), but please! Don’t ever ask me that… I just find it so hard to deal with. As my Journalism professor told us, “teaching basic grammar is the job of an elementary English teacher.” Just ask me if your grammar is wrong instead and I’ll be willing to help you correct it but never ever ask me to explain why it is wrong… (unless you want me to open books and let’s study together) I don’t want that! I mean if you’re old enough and finished schooling, you should at some point know how to construct your own sentences correctly (even those in grade school already know how to construct sentences, common… shame to those who finished high school but can’t even express themselves using English. I’m not saying that you have to be very good on it, even a little knowledge will do. Give it a try!) However, sometimes we tend to make some wrong grammar errors and that’s acceptable… that’s normal! Don’t stab yourself to death if somebody corrects you. We all make mistakes, I bet even the best writers commit grammar errors at times (prolly that’s the reason why we have proof readers… that’s their job.)

I’m not writing to teach you about grammar. It’s just that I realized that I underestimated my capability when it comes to writing. The objective of my current writing job is to rewrite the article – title, subheadings and sentences. I was given also the following pointers: Don’t just change the words or use synonyms. Rewrite the sentence – change the sentence structure, paraphrase, while still keeping the meaning/thoughts of the original sentence (it has format by the way but I’m not going to explain it further.)

I was so hesitant to try it at first. Family members were telling me that I can do it since my vocabulary isn’t bad plus I do love writing since I’ve been writing blogs for my tumblr and wordpress account. Well, writing is just a hobby… my forte is on creative writing. I hate technicalities in writing… I hate writing formal letters. I don’t know what’s with it but something within me keeps on telling me “Ann, don’t write that… that’s hard… and boring!” *Kidding*

I guess our clients are from America. I am actually learning new words as I write those articles and it’s pretty cool. Really cool, didn’t expect that I could be able to finish even just one article. Sometimes it just a matter of trying new things and pushing yourself to learn how it is being done (you’ll get into it if it’s really meant for you! *crossing fingers*)

Well, while I am finishing my last two articles… it suddenly reminds me of Mr. Priceless’ assignment for her sister’s condo. His Ate (oldest sister) who lives in California has her condo unit in Rockwell and Mr. Priceless’ task is to look after it. I’ve been working on with these certain topics about how condo rental owners can effectively rent out their condominiums, or pointers to keep in mind when looking for new tenants and so on and so forth (topics are not just about condos we have a lot), which made me think of him. I wish tenants wouldn’t give him any headaches knowing that he’s too nice to suffer from one. (You just don’t know how good he is!)

Okay… I am just a lucky blessed girl for being able to write what’s on my head. Should also give credits to my ever dearest best friend named Patty who I fondly called Patchie or Boi for always believing in my writing skills. She pushed me to write, she even told me to look for writing jobs and even told me how good I am ever since I met her. She’s like my sister!

And Yes… to those who actually appreciate my blogs, especially that Mr. Priceless blog… Thank you!

Though, I’m still having a hard time doing my new tasks, I’m still willing to finish everything. I believe I can do all of those… (because I have no other choice but to finish everything) *Kidding*

You can’t be a good writer if you don’t practice your writing skills. You have to do what it takes to enhance your ability. God’s given gifts are made for us to use hoping to touch people hearts…

So there… not really something to ponder… just giving my head a big break dealing with articles. Writing allows me to express myself and at the same time my way of releasing stress!

So… I should now stop talking and start working!