Open Birthday Letter to Ate (Older Sister)

Hi Atsss!

Remember when we used to eat ice cream together and wear same clothes at the same time? That was way back, like more than ten years ago… the last time we dressed in same pants (nang mauso ang six pocket) was when we went to Enchanted Kingdom with the fam, I was in grade four, you were in grade six. And though we don’t do that today anymore, just like as always… I love you just the same or even more!

Mahal na mahal kita Ate. I may have failed to understand you at times but it doesn’t change the fact that you are my sister and I am yours. That whatever happens… I will support you all the way and I will love you no less.  That… we are each other’s keepers.

Just so you know…

I am shaking in anger when someone annoys you (aba tinatalo nila ko!) but I also feel the pain whenever you cry just because you miss Kuyss every time he works abroad. (haha! Arte lang!)


Happy birthday Ate! I really planned to post these photos to annoy you! *Kidding* I posted this to let people know how beautiful my sister was and how gorgeous you have become now! (Ehem! Took me some time to collect all of these.)

Well… I love you tons.. And I love you extra today! My wish? No I’m not going to wish you good luck… I will pray for you instead. I pray for Thea to come and be part of our family soonest! (Naks, ngingiti yan! Lol) No… seriously, I pray that our good Lord will use you more as you continue to serve Him. I pray for his continuous guidance… that you may remain safe everyday! I pray for Kuya’s protection and Thayer’s health because I know that they are the most important people to you and they are your strength and happiness.

You’re such a lucky blessed girl. May you have the sweetest day today! The photos by the way, oh well… made me think how time flies so fast.

I love you heaps! (Nakakarami ka ng I love you ah!)

God Bless! *HUGS* *KISSES* *HUGS* & more *HUGS* again and again.


Your Most Stunning, Brainiest, Sweetest and most Beautiful Sister Ever.


Seeing Things Differently

Still feeling a little bit sick today but felt the urge to write the lessons I’ve learned yesterday during Nanay’s pre-75th birthday celebration.

Rosalinda Garden Resort wasn’t our first choice, we were actually eyeing for Angela a week ago before the family outing. Everyone was thinking that if only we’ve decided earlier or planned earlier maybe we could have possibly got the reservation for Angela.

Anyway, let me give you a little background of my own preparation. Beach party somewhere in Sariaya, Quezon Province was my ideal place to go; I did my own research for the possible places and even texted Mr. Priceless for ideas and time frame from Manila to Sariaya. Our complete family never gone yet to beach and so I wanted my little cousins to get dirty while playing those sands making their own tower, castle and etc. but didn’t pursue the idea because it was… well… too far.

Despite my “if only” in mind, “if only Angela was available or if only Sariaya wasn’t too far” I still had fun… too much fun!  Rosalinda didn’t disappoint me.

Yesterday night while I was suffering from fever, I realized that being at Rosalinda wasn’t an accident, we were meant to celebrate Nanay’s pre-75th birthday there. I would like to see things in different perspective, that maybe we were there because Lanz was not allowed to swim because his arms has bandage and Paul was afraid in water because he was about to get drown two years ago, and it’s only Rosalinda not Angela who has five inches water around the pool making them closer to us, allowing them to play with us, without Lanz not getting totally wet and Paul not thinking of himself getting drown.

In real life, we may be disappointed every single time that we didn’t get what we want, but sometimes… perhaps… we didn’t get what we want because there is something better stored for us.

Couldn’t explain more, I gotta rest!